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Medical Team

Empower You Medical Staffing Agency

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We strive to provide exceptional care and services to empower our patients and their families based on their unique needs.

Michelle Patton


Empower You Medical Staffing Agency (EYMSA) is a reputable family-owned medical staffing agency in Bloomington, Illinois. We offer services locally and across state lines (Texas), catering to Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing & Rehab Facilities, Laboratories, and Research Facilities. Our aim at Empower You Medical Staffing Agency is to work together with your Company toward a mutually beneficial outcome that will foster a long-term relationship. At the heart of our operation are our core values: Communication, Commitment, and Compassion, which we take pride in as we provide our clients exceptional service. 



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Looking for qualified medical professionals to join your team? Look no further than our staffing agency!

Tired of feeling undervalued and overworked? Join our team! We believe healthcare providers deserve humanized care and support. You have the right to receive the care and support you need to succeed. Experience the difference with us.

Find out how you can become a certified CNA in different US states with our guide, and start your traveling journey with us!



Medical Staffing Company Collaboration


 Empower Your Medical Staffing Agency (EYMSA) and Quality Response Medical Staffing (QRMS) are medical staffing agencies that have been serving medical professionals in the US since 2016 (QRMS) and 2023 (EYMSA). Our main goal is to provide medical professionals with personalized care while delivering high-quality staffing services to medical facilities across the country. By collaborating with us, you can expect to receive empowering and efficient staffing and placement solutions to meet your needs.

Michelle Patton BSN

Founder and CEO of EYMSA

Flora E. Radcliff-Hooks

Founder and CEO of QRMS

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