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Empower You Medical Staffing Agency was founded by a nurse who believed patients and families are entitled to exceptional care, feeling heard, valued, supported, and empowered.

Our Values

EYMSA understands the importance of having available staff to provide exceptional healthcare to patients and families. We are committed to empowering our healthcare community with dedicated staff.

The Problem

Yes, sadly there is a shortage of nurses in our healthcare system due to retirees, fatigue post-COVID, and a lack of interest in entering the nursing field.

EYMSA wants to be the solution to this problem.

Our Solution

As a passionate RN/BSN and founder of EYMSA, I want to work with our wonderful nurses and healthcare community to uplift, build trust, and  'ADVOCATE'  for the nursing profession. 

EYMSA will give attention to the nurse's needs and wants because we want our nurses to be confident and strong, which will ultimately reflect in the love, care, and professionalism of their patients & families.

EYMSA provides nurses, (RNs, LPNs & CNAs) who utilize comprehensive & focused care through the nursing process of theory, observation, clinical assessment, communication & documentation.

Our very compassionate mission is to enrich and improve the wellness of patients and families so they will be able to move forward and maintain their healthcare journey.




The Founder/CEO believes it's crucial for EYMSA staff to feel heard, valued & supported. Healthcare needs you, & EYMSA needs you too. 

EYMSA would like to express our gratitude, appreciation, and admiration for all healthcare workers, especially those who have demonstrated exceptional courage and strength on the frontlines during the past few years. They have been fighting a pandemic that has challenged and changed everything about healthcare and the way we live our lives. 


EYMSA is excited to collaborate with you and provide assistance in navigating your job sites. We offer a wide range of choices that can easily fit into your lifestyle. Our team believes in active listening and effective communication, and we are committed to working with you in identifying opportunities that align with your work and career goals. We understand that life is constantly evolving, and our focus is to help you adapt to these changes.

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